"Both of my boys have attended after school and camp at NY Chess and Games. My younger son, who has really taken to the game, particularly loves it. What a great, stimulating, challenging environment -- where kids have fun learning and expanding their minds, rather than spending time in front of screens. Your staff is wonderful, welcoming and accommodating. All the best to you!" -J.Conti





" For my kids, chess has a huge value in helping them focus, helping them concentrate and strategically, they learn that you can't just do something - you have to think a few moves aheadI and that's just like life and I've seen them put it in to practice over time." - K.Shillingford

"It's fun but builds their thinking skills' It's a great way to combine fun with something that enhance their character." - J.Goward

" Chess has been really good for my son. He's learned a lot about patience and about planning and he really enjoys it and enjoys the competition." - S.Urbatsch

" It helps develop their mind, they love the competitive edge of it. It's a really, really good activity. As a parent I love it and reccommend it to any parent that want's their kids to develop the ability to stop and think before they do something. It creates good judgment." - G.Senat

" My daughter was extraordinarily hyperactive when she first came to the camp and it was the one thing that actually pulled her in and allowed her to just settle herself and work through her boundless amounts of energy and actually execute tasks over time. That was the beginning of how she overcame that hyperactivity and it definitely tranferred to her performance academically and the way that she behaved in the classroom setting."

-S. Hunte

Chess helps children learn how to manage their emotions and for my kids that's been a really helpful thing.

- R. Underwood



"It not only teaches them patience, but it teaches them how to problem solve and helps them in every subject in school."

- M. Williams

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