• During Summer Camp the kids are divided by age as well as skill levels. The ratio between campers and instructor is kept at a maximum of 8 to 1 Senior Instructor with interns and junior counselors for assistance. The maximum camp attendance is 35 Campers. Groups are separated by upstairs and downstairs areas as well.


  • All instructors are experienced teaching professionals who work in the public and private school sector teaching chess as part of the regular school day curriculum. They are also experts at making chess fun and interesting to learn for kids.


  • Beginners learn and master all of the chess basics and begin to learn and use important chess strategic ideas and concepts.


  • Advanced players develop and strengthen key areas of their tactical ability, Opening understanding, Middlegame play and endgame technique.


  • Everyone receives lots of one on one attention.


  • All of the campers participate in tournaments and contests where they receive trophies, medals and awards.

Master Lesson: National Master Jeremiah Smith Teaching Strategy To Summer Campers


30 Kids, quiet, focused, and engaged. Campers enjoying thinking and Chess!

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